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The APL Archives at Waterloo started as an FTP site in the late 1980s.

The APL and J Archives

What's new in the World of APL and J ?

Harry Bertocelli
This workspace of defined operators runs under OS/2 (or eCS) for the PC. This workspace was supplied posthumously by Zdenek (Denny) Jizba
Paul Jacksons Tools ( ).
Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (APL-FAQ).
APL 97 Survey
The results are in. See Survey results.
APL Bibilography update
Bob Bernecky has supplied a list of references about compiling APL code. The Bibliography page has been updated.
Thomas G. Smith has produced a new version of APL called CAPLIB APL2 that runs on either DOS and LINUX. Look at CAPLIB Welcome page.
JIZBA Tutorials
Zdeno V Jizba has produced a new version of his famous tutorials for APL2 running under OS/2. See the JIZBA Tutorials for more information.
In the summer of 1998 APL98 will be held at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Rome, "Tor Vergata" from 1998-07-26 to 1998-07-31. For more information, see APL98.
The conference APL 97 was a huge success. It was held at the Ryerson Polytechnic University in Toronto in August of 1997. Proceedings disks are still available. See APL97.
The APL and J Archives at Waterloo cooperated with the organizers of APL 97 to include the complete contents of the APL and J Archives as of July, 1997, on CDROM, which may be purchased from the Toronto APL Special Interest Group. For more details, see APL97 Merchandise.
The APL Software Exchange changes its name to SIGAPL Software Library. This collection has been developed over the years, and has generally been made available only at APL conferences. Watch it grow.

Some highlights from the Archives

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These archives are maintained by Professor Leroy J (Lee) Dickey. See his home page. Comments and suggestions are welcome and we are looking for new submissions. (We are trying to get it right.) Send an e-mail message to Lee at "". if you would like to say something about them, or for instructions about uploading a workspace.
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