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To use these lessons, you need an APL interpreter. If you don't yet have an APL interpreter, read SOURCES.TXT to find out how to get one.
The .TXT files give instructions for several APL interpreters. Please skip sections that don't apply to your version of APL.

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These CPCUG lessons cover the main ideas of APL. They are based on the original work of Z.V. Jizba, and are further developed by the APLSIG of the Capital PC User Group (CPCUG) for use in its 1991 APL classes. They have been modified extensively to reflect classroom experience.

These lessons are "generic" APL. Thus, many special features of the above APL interpreters (e.g. file systens) are not covered. If you are learning APL for the first time, get the user manual for your version of APL to learn about these features. Be sure to read/print HOWTORUN.TXT and FIX-THEM.TXT.

See workspace OUTLINE for a table of contents and a bird's eye view of the APL lessons. Use workspace KEYBOARD to learn the keyboard for APL's special symbols. See HOWTORUN.TXT for more instructions.

These lessons may be used for at-home study, by local APLSIGs to sponsor APL classes, or in a classroon. Whatever the setting, you will almost surely need the User Manual for your APL interpreter. Fortunately, user manuals, or commercial books, are free or affordable for most APLs.

                           Cost for       Cost for
         Interpreter       User Manual    Interpreter
         ---------------   -----------    -----------
         IBM TryAPL2       on-disk        free
         APL*PLUS Demo     on-disk info   free
         Iverson APLIWIN   $US30          $US30 (for Windows 3.1)
         Iverson APLI386   $US30          $US30
         Iverson APLIPC    $US30          $US30
         Iverson APLISW    $US30          Shareware
         Sharp APL/PC      $30            Shareware
         I-APL             included       $US25

See further information in SOURCES.TXT, APLSPEED.TXT, and APLBOOKS.TXT.

Interactive on-screen APL Lessons from the APLSIG of the Capital PC User Group (CPCUG) are available in the following formats:

Most Demo/Shareware/Freeware/Low-cost APL interpreters described here, as well as all CPCUG lessons are downloadable from the BBS\APL, 703-528-7617, 1200/14400b, N-8-1, 24 hrs. CPCUG lessons also available by mail for $US25, postage paid world-wide, from:

HRH Systems
3802 N. Richmond St
Arlington VA
USA 22207
Please specify APL interpreter and disk size.

All CPCUG/APL lessons are in the public domain. They may be copied and distributed provided no charge is made beyond the costs of postage and materials, and provided no references to authorship are removed.

Neither any of the individuals contributing to these Lessons, nor the Capital PC Users Group, accept any responsibility or liability for any damages of any kind that arise from the use of these Lessons. The CPCUG encourages the more widespread use of APL, but does not endorse any commercial APL products used or mentioned in these Lessons.