J3 Download

This page lists various files freely available from the Freeware page of the J Software site.

If you're after J FreeWare, all you require are the installation instructions and the jfw.zip. You also need the online help files for the User Manual and Dictionary and J Phrases. Finally, it is recommended that you also get the Frequently Asked Questions list (jfaq.txt).

Date         Filename     Size         Description  

1996-02-08  jfaq.txt      39K  J Frequently Asked Questions
1996-02-08  jphr.zip     135K  J Phrases
1996-02-08  jsm.zip      478K  J User Manual 
1996-02-08  jsmid.zip    271K  J Introduction and Dictionary 
1996-06-17  jfw.exe     1442K  J FreeWare
1996-06-18  jrt31.zip    642K  Runtime package for Windows3.1
1996-06-18  jrtnt95.zip  357K  Runtime package for NT95
1996-08-14  jfw.zip      840K  J FreeWare for Windows 3.1
1996-12-05  jdll.zip     221K  J.DLL 

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