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Array Processing Languages Lore, Problems and Applications

Volume 32 Number 4
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Table of Contents


  • WorldNet Interface to APL2 [E. Alfonseca]
  • Complex Systems in APL: Fractals, Evolving Cellular Automata and Artificial Life [M. Alfonseca, A. Ortega and M. de la Cruz]
  • Bingo Pricing: a Game Simulation and Evaluation using APL [A. Annibali and F. Bellini]
  • Intelligent Quota Management System [M. Barghoorn]
  • Evolution of an APL Electronic Document Interchane System over 19 years, 3000 installations, 100M documents, 5000 updates and 29,000 data labels [G. Brigham]
  • Exhaustive Representation of Multiple Instances using Base-value Discriminants [G. Brigham]
  • SmartArrays for the APL Programmer [J. A. Brown, J. G. Wheeler]
  • Using an APL approach with Java [J. Burchfield and S. Lipovaca]
  • APL, a pwerful research tool in Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy [C. Chachaty]
  • Formal Semantics of APL a review of initial findings [P. Chastney]
  • Vector Pascal an Array Language for Multimedia code [P. Cockshott]
  • A New Calculus for Multidimensional Arrays [S. Eriksson-Bique]
  • Out-of-Control Structures [J. Lucas]
  • Looking Back on Looking Ahead [J. Lucas]
  • An Interface for User-Defined Functions in a Database Application [S. M. Mansour]
  • J and Dyalog APL Sharing Resources: Can't We all Just Get Along? [D. H. McCormick]
  • Delivering Power with Minimal Restraint: APL and the Web [D. Mitchell]
  • Automatic composition of music by means of Grammatical Evolution [A. Ortega, R. Sánchez and M. Alfonseca]
  • SAPL-APL as Client and Server for SAP R2/R3 Systems [T. P. Otto]
  • Porting the Parallel Array Programming Language ZPL to an Embedded Multicomputing System [D. Rey, J. Stubblefield and J. Canning]
  • 30 Years of Research in Animal Breeding: APL versus Matlab and Fortran [M. Rico and M. Baselga]
  • Dialog Template Description Tool [K. Saigusa and Y. Saigusa]
  • Jottings from the Business Intelligence Jungle [D. Selby]
  • Radial Basis Function Networks in A+ [A. Skomorokhov]
  • Experiences of A+ under Windows [A. Smith]
  • Evolutionary Discovery of Algorithms as Circuits for Quantum Computers [A. J. Surkan, A. Khuskivadze]
  • Dynamic Graphic Regression [A. M. Sykes and Alan D. Mayer]
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