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Volume 32 Number 2

Volume 32 Number 2
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Table of Contents

  • A Message from the Chairman [ Robert G. Brown]
  • Building Internet Applications with APL+Win: FTPClientX and HTTPClientX [ William Parke]
  • New Primitive {del} for APL-Style Structured Control [ FHD van Batenburg]
  • Reviews of the APL 2001 Conference[John Manges and Stephen M. Mansour]
  • With J: Public Key Cryptography [ Cliff Reiter]
  • APL In Its Death Throes: SAS vs. APL in the Property/Casualty Insurance Industry [ Loy W. Fitz]
  • The Lobachevsky Chronicles: Introduction [ N.I. Lobachevsky]
  • Recreational APL: Goldbach's Conjecture [ Steven J. Halasz]


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