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APL2001: An Arrays Odyssey

Volume 31 Number 2
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Table of Contents

  • Correctly Detecting Intrinsic Type Errors in Typeless Languages Such as MATLAB [ Pramod G. Joisha and Prithviraj Banerjee]
  • J and sports betting [ Pablo Landherr]
  • Replacing an Explicit Loop by the "Each" Operator [ Samir Lipovaca and Joseph Burchfield]
  • An Array-Oriented (APL) Wish List [ Jim Lucas]
  • D2Cell Data Mining Utility [ John Manges]
  • A Dynamic APL Gui Equation Solver (ADAGE) [ Stephen M. Mansour]
  • Good Taste in Color and Soft Palettes [ Devon McCormick]
  • Embedding a Tcl Web Server into APL [ Tilman P. Otto]
  • Graph Coloring in J: An Introduction [ Howard A. Peelle]
  • Is There a Way of Combining Arrary-Processing and Object-Oriented Programming? [ Georg Reichard]
  • Array Form Representation of Idiom Recognition System for Numerical Programs [ Hiroyuki Sato]
  • Classification Trees in APL: Implementation and Application [ Alexander Skomorokhov and Vladimir Kutinsky]
  • Suggestions for a Method of Analyzing Binary Images Using Langlet's Parity Logic [ Stuart Smith]
  • A Canon for the Representation of Multivariate Arrays in the APL2 Computing Language [ Richard Drexel Stockbridge]

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