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Volume 31 Number 1
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Table of Contents


  • ACM/SIGAPL Membership Form
  • Message from the Chairman [David E. Siegel]

    APL in the Marketplace:

    • APL Product Watch: New Service Level Available for IBM APL2 [Edited by Ray Polivka]
    • Introducing A+ ...A New APL System! [Jon McGrew, John Mizel, and Brian Redman]
    • SAX 6.0 Announcement: Sharp APL for Unix [ Nancy Lamb]
    Regular Columns:
    • APL Graphics Dump "Transformations 2: Viewing"[ Walt Niehoff ]
    • With J: "Fast Fourier Transforms and Removing Motion Blur"[ Cliff Reiter ]
    Up-Coming Conference: Plans for J2001 (Manhattan, October 17-19, 2001)
    • An Invitation to Attend the J2001 User Conference [ Anne Faust ]
    Conference Reviews: Berlin (July 25-27) Conference Reviews: Toronto (October 4-6)
    • Whither J: Observations at the J User Conference 2000[ Cliff Reiter ]
    Conference Reviews: Orlando (November 12-15)
    • A Review of the APL2000 User Conference [David E. Siegel]
    • A Review of the APL2000 User Conference [Kevin Weaver]
    • A Review of the APL2000 User Conference [Richard Woll]
    • Exciting! A Newbie's View of the APL2000 Conference [Teresa Camarillo-Mandell]


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