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APL00: Think Arrays in a Great City

Volume 30 Number 4
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  • Artificial Life Evolution in a Simplified APL2 Environment [Manuel Alfonseca]
  • Using APL2 to Compute the Dimension of a Fractal Represented as a Grammar [Manuel Alfonseca & Alfonso Ortega]
  • Client - Server Based Application in the Dyalog APL Environment [Alexander Balako]
  • High Performance Computing through Parallel Processing [Martin Barghoorn]
  • What's Wrong with APL2 [Dr. James A. Brown]
  • Defining APL Community [Robert G. Brown]
  • Object Oriented APL [Robert G. Brown]
  • Interest Made Simple with Arrays [Richard L.W. Brown]
  • APL Tutorial in Mathematical Modelling [A.Buzin and I.Naftulin]
  • The design and implementation of an APL dialect, ELI [Wai-Mee Ching]
  • The Killer App [Ian Clark]
  • Experiences with APL on a Mainframe as a WebServer [Bernd Geisselhardt]
  • Representation of ASN.1 in APL nested structures [Peter-Michael Hager]
  • An Improved Method for Creating Dynamic Web Forms Using APL [Steven J. Halasz]
  • Dyalog-APL application with threads on the basis of ActiveX Data Objects [A. Karabanov, J.Korablev, and G.Roche]
  • Communication between PC and Mainframe via TCP/IP using APL [Nils Kolster and Christian Nagel]
  • Avoiding the Pitfalls of Corporate Intranets [Timo Laurmaa]
  • Noun Phrase chunking with APL2 [Suresh Manandhar and Enrique Alfonseca]
  • Houses, Windows and DOHR's (Descriptive Objects of High Rank) [Stephen M. Mansour]
  • SPARROW - a speech- and knowledge-based architecture for a workplace [Dr.-Ing. Ruth Marzi]
  • GrAPL - A High-level Statistical Graphics Language Prototype [Alan D. Mayer and Alan M. Sykes]
  • High-level Object Oriented Programming with Array Technology [Philippe Mougin]
  • APL Based Medical Image Analysis [Tilman P. Otto]
  • An APL Compiler [Tilman P. Otto]
  • An Integrated APL2 Solution for Population Screening and Control [Umberto Piasentin and Claudio Sandi]
  • Gerva: Secure Electronic Legal Communication with Attributes [Dietmar Sengenleitner]
  • A Knowledge Discovery Method -- APL Implementation and Application [Alexander O. Skomorokhov]
  • Redistribution of Totals Through Hierarchical Data -- An Application of Benkard's Distributed Round [Adrian Smith]
  • Spoken-Word Direction of Computer Program Synthesis [Alvin J. Surkan]
  • An Interface Between Java and APL [Mike Symes]
  • Comparative File I/O Methods in APL2 [Nancy Wheeler]
  • Visual Representation of Document-Oriented Information on the Web [Dmitriy Zlobin and Alexei Roudometkine]
  • Making of a Conference: APL92, St.Petersburg, Russia [Erkki Juvonen]

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