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The past, present, and future of J

Volume 30 Number 3
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  • ACM/SIGAPL Membership Form
  • Notes from the Editors: "A Focus on J: Past, Present, and Future" [Ray Polivka and Jon McGrew]
    This issue of APL Quote Quad focuses on the APL derivative language J. For those of you who are new to J, let us point out to you that J was originally devised ten years ago by Ken Iverson, the creator of the APL language. Ken is now part of a team working on the development of J in Toronto. We are please to be able to show you the J team on our cover.

    The Jsoftware team, from right to left:
    Seated: Eric Iverson, Dick Lathwell, Anne Faust, Roger Hui
    Standing: Kirk Iverson, Ken Iverson, Chris Burke, Irina Lobanova
    Not present: Eugene McDonnell (Palo Alto, USA), Martin Neitzel (Braunschweig, Germany)

  • Just for Fun: Zipply the Pinhead, "Symbol-Minded" [Bill Griffith]
APL and J Languages: Past, Present, and Future
  • A Personal View of APL [ Kenneth E. Iverson]
  • A Lecture on Array Languages [ Keith Smillie]
  • APL In the New Millennium [ Kenneth E. Iverson]
Creating GUI Interfaces:
  • With J: "A Palette Editor, Dad's First GUI"[ Cliff Reiter ]
Creating Graphics:
  • Powerful and Easy Graphics: Making Plots in J [ F. H. D. van Batenburg and D. W. Viser ]
  • APL Graphics Dump: "Transformations I: Properties and Applications" [ Walt Niehoff ]
Industry News:
  • APL Product Watch: News from Dyadic Systems [Edited by Ray Polivka]
  • New Web Site for AFAPL: Les Nouvelles d'APL [Michel Roszewitch]


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