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A Visit with Lingo Allegro USA

Volume 30 Number 2
Quote Quad V30 N2

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  • ACM/SIGAPL Membership Form
Object-oriented APL:
  • Whither Object-Orientation? What Is Object Orientation, Anyway? [ Walter G. Fil]
J Language: Interview:
  • COVER STORY: A Quote Quad Interview with Lingo Allegro USA, Inc., Partners: Andrei Kondrashev, Walter FIl, and Steve Halasz [as interviewed by Ray Polivka]
    This is an interview with the three principals from Lingo Allegro USA, Inc.. The interview was conducted for APL Quote Quad by Ray Polivka, during the week of the APL99 Conference in Scranton, Pennsylvania on August 10, 1999.
Access to information: APL graphics:
  • APL Graphics Dump: Slicing Polylines with APL [ Walt Niehoff ]


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