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APL in the Insurance industry

Volume 30 Number 1
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  • ACM/SIGAPL Membership Form
People in the news:
  • In Memory of Karsten Solheim [K. Louis Solheim]
SIGAPL status: Conferences:
  • APL-Berlin-2000: Think Arrays in a Great City! The Array Processing Languages Conference for the Year 2000 [ Dieter Latterman et al ]
APL environments:
  • Fortran to and from APL2 and J [ R. G. Selfridge ]
Programming techniques:
  • A Simple Cryptographic System [ Otway O'M. Pardee ]
  • APL Graphics Dump [ Walt Niehoff ]
APL in the insurance industry:
  • COVER STORY: The Future of APL in the Insurance World [ Gary A. Bergquist ]
    In this paper, I hope to adjust our focus from near-sighted to far-sighted. What is the future of APL? How will we get there? What role will each of us play when the ride ends? Or do you share the flea's view that the ride goes on forever?
  • Survey Says: APL Gets Top Billing for Usage at Insurance Companies [ Society of Actuaries ]
  • COVER STORY: Tune-Up Your APL Code from an Actuarial Perspective [ Gary A. Bergquist ]
    This paper is directed at actuaries. My aim is to improve the quality of their short relationship with APL. In my experience working with actuaries, I have observed a set of common programmer weaknesses. In this paper, I have distilled these into a set of ten problem areas, which are presented here in David Letterman-Top-Ten-style, saving the worst (needing the most improvement) for last. Along with each problem area is a guideline to address the problem.
Environmental simulations: APL in the marketplace:


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