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Gearing Up for Berlin

Volume 29 Number 4
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  • ACM/SIGAPL Membership Form
People in the news:
  • In Memory of John C. McPherson [Bruce McPherson]
  • Alex Morrow Named as IBM Fellow
Access to information: APL in the marketplace: Applications:
  • Some APL Defined Functions for Fast Analysis of Innovations in Food Science and Human Nutrition [ Boris Makeev and A. Zoueva ]
  • Cover Story: APL-Berlin-2000: Ich bin ein APLer! The Array Processing Languages Conference for the Year 2000 [ Dieter Latterman et al ]
    The Array Processing Languages Conference for the Year 2000 will be held on 24 July 2000 through 27 July 2000, at the Technical University of Berlin in Germany. APL-Berlin-2000 is sponsored by ACM/SIGAPL and APL Germany.
APL environments:
  • Running Parallel Algorithms with APL on a Sequential Machine [ Tony Y. T. Chan ]
Programming techniques:
  • Clock Face [ David Steinbrook ]
  • Decision Tables Revisited: The DDLA Decision Table Software System [ Don Latour ]


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