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New Gems from Old Roots

Volume 29 Number 3
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Table of Contents


  • EGREGION: A Branch Coverage Tool for APL [Robert Bernecky]
  • Writing Optimization Software in APL, J, and MATLAB: A Comparison [Richard L.W. Brown]
  • Using APL Expressions in Database Operations [Paul S. Mansour and Stephen M. Mansour]
  • On Defining Application-Specific High-Level Array Operations by Means of Shape-Invariant Programming Facilities [Sven-Bodo Scholz]
  • Reducing Computational Complexity with Array Predicates [Robert Bernecky]
  • Turtle graphics: hidden features in APL2 [Hendrik Rama]
  • All Searches are Divided into Three Parts (String Searches using Ternary Trees) [David Siegel]
  • Writing a Compilers Compiler in APL [Enrique Alfonseca]
  • An Epistemology of APL [J. Phillip Benkard]
  • Simplifying Array Processing Languages [Neville Holmes]
  • Japanese Language Handling in APL environments [Kyosuke Saigusa]
  • Compiling a simulation language in APL [Manuel Alfonseca, Enrique Alfonseca, Juan de Lara]
  • Crosstab, OLAP, and APL N-dimensional Data Analysis with Sparse Cubes [Marin Barghoorn]
  • BABAPL A Software Prototype of a Programmable Pocket APL Calculator [Roger Busi]
  • Object Oriented Spatial Positioning Systems [Istv!!!an K!!!ad!!!ar and Erik Papp]
  • Axe: A Transportation Network Analysis Package [Francesco Pedull!!!a and Giorgio Salerno]
  • APL and Demographic Modeling [U. Piasentin and D. Lanari and E. Migliorini]
  • Large-Scale Space Object Tracking using APL2 [Jack G. Rudd and Richard A. Marsh and Marcus L. Munger]
  • Pattern Recognition in APL with Application to Reactor Diagnostics [Alexander O. Skomorokhov and Michail T. Slepov ]
  • Using APL to build science tutors for the high school level [Manuel Alfonseca]
  • Teaching clasical calculation methods: APL challenge [Andrei Buzin ]
  • First Flight: Automated Tutorials for Fledgling APLers [Steven J. Halasz ]
  • A Web-interfaced Array-based Mathematics Course [Walter Spunde and Peter de Voil ]
  • APL Design of Graphic Displays for Motivation in Distance Education [Alvin j. Surkan]
  • Highly Parallel Computing in Simulation on Dynamic Bond Portfolio Management [Vittorio Moriggia and Marida Bertocchi and Jitka Dupakov!!!a]
  • Optimization with Dynamic Functions] [Stephen M. Mansour]
  • The use of Markov discontinuous processes in the pricing of derivative securities: the application of APL [Marco Micocci]
  • Corporate Analysis by APL [Arto Juvonen and Unto Niemi]
  • Neural Network for Partitionable Variational Inequalities [Giulia Rotondo]

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