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APL99 On Track To The 21st Century

Volume 29 Number 2
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Table of Contents

  • Greetings from the APL99 Conference Chairman [Stephen M. Mansour]
  • APL99 Conference Committee
  • Welcom! ...A Message from the Program Chairman [Garth Foster]
  • Acknowledgements and Exhibitors


  • Generalization of Pick's Theorem for Surface of Polyhedra [Dr. Mihaly Agfalvi and Istvan Kadar and Erik Papp]
  • When Bears are Blue and Bulls are Red [Linda Alvord and Tama Traberman]
  • Dynamic systems simulation using APL2 [Robertas Alzbutas and Vytautas Janilionis]
  • Functions and Data Can Dance as Equal Partners [J. Phillip Benkard]
  • The Zark Library of Utility Functions [Gary A. Berquist]
  • Choices in Server-Side Programming: A Comparative Programming Exercise [Robert G. Brown and Willi Hahn]
  • Regions: An Abstraction for Expresing Array Computation [Bradford L. Chamberlain, E. Christopher Lewis, Calvin Lin, and Lawrence Snyder]
  • Accelerating APL Programs with SAC [Clemens Grelck and Sven-Bodo Scholz]
  • Sparse Arrays in J [Roger K.W. Hui]
  • INFO: Interactive APL Documentation [George Mebus]
  • A Retro/Prospective on APL Graphpak [Walt Niehoff]
  • Teaching J as a Computer Notation for Seconday Mathematic [Howard A. Peele]
  • An Object-Oriented Approach to Educational Software in Building Physics [Georg Reichard]
  • APL_Generated Teaching and Testing Items to Enhance a Student's Ability to Discover Functional Relationships [Alvin J. Surkan]
  • GFSR Pseudorandom Number Generation Using APL [Charlse Winton]

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