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Volume 29 Number 1
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Table of Contents

  • ACM/SIGAPL Membership Form

Y2K introductions:

Y2K technical articles:

  • Cover Story: Y2K and APL-An Overview [Clement Kent]
    I have worked on Y2K projects in APL since July of 1997, which makes me a sort-of-expert. My goal in this article is to help those of you still in the throes of Y2K work, and to give the rest of you-those who have completed your Y2k work-a basis for evaluating your own projects. Of course, if you haven't yet started your Y2K project, you're dooomed, and you may as well stop reading and take up dental floss farming in Montana.
  • Cover Story: Pope Gregory on Mars on February 31, 3000 [Clement Kent]
    In this article I want to persuade you that the leap day period is a time of serious risk to computer systems, and to discuss algorithms for dealing correctly with dates over a time span of more than 4000 years. Although correct implementation of dated conversion routines is essential to avoiding the leap day year 2000 bug, there is another reason for looking into the code: it will lead us into some thoughts on generality, clarity, and efficiency in APL coding styles which may be of use to the educational community.

Regular columns:

Up-coming conferences:

Conference review:

  • A Review of the APL2000 User Conference: November 1-4, 1998 [Ray Polivka]
  • Sign up now for the Fourth Annual APL2000 User Conference: November 14-17, 1999 [Eric Baelen]

Access to information:

APL in the marketplace:

  • APL Product Watch: IBM Announces APL2 Runtime Environments and new APL2 service levels [ Edited by Ray Polivka and Nancy Wheeler ]
  • LEX2000 Inc. and Its Subsidiary APL2000 Announce Company To Be Acquired by Cognos [David E. Siegel]


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