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Volume 28 Number 4
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Table of Contents


Selections from APL97

  • APL97 Organizers and Acknowledgements

The Craft of APL Programming

  • How to Write an APL Utility Function [Stephen Mansour]
  • War on the Workspace! [Edward J. Shaw, Jr.]
  • Data Transfer Between Java Applets and Legacy APL Systems [B. Amos, G. Disney, and D. Sorrey]

Array Languages and Mathematics

  • Mathematical Roots of J [ Roger K. W. Hui and Kenneth E. Iverson ]
  • APL and Nested Arrays -- a Dream for Statistical Computation [ Alan Sykes and Tom Stroud ]


  • APL Used in Constructive Algorithm for Neural Networks that Generalize [Alvin Surkan and Colin Campbell]
  • The Computer Construction of Weaving Designs [Keith Smillie]
  • Interactive Design of Structures: A Program for Everyone [Johann Riebenbauer and Joachim Hoffman]

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