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Walt Niehoff discusses the past and present of GRAPHPAK APL graphics package

Volume 28 Number 3
Quote Quad V28 N3

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  • Cover Story: Graphpak: A Tool-Builder's Approach to Graphical Data Presentation [Walt Niehoff ]

    There have been several APL Quote Quad papers published in the past few years that discuss requirements for APL graphics capabilities. The Graphpak workspace now distributed with IBM's APL2 products evolved from its 1970 roots in an environment that projected similar requirements. This paper discusses the characteristics of Graphpak that have contributed to its evolving application and its longevity. Following an introduction that describes its evolution, the paper will focus on its "tool box" approach--using APL functions that can be used to build other functions to meet custom graphics requirements. Also, some opportunities for future exploitation of APL2 are sketched.


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  • The Implementation of Set Functions in APL: A Proposal [Joseph DeKerf ]


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