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John C. McPherson Earns the Iverson Award

Volume 28 Number 2
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  • ACM/SIGAPL Membership Form

Up-coming conferences:

Conference reviews:

  • A Reveiw of the "APL as a Tool of Thought" Conference [Ray Polivka]
  • APLers Circle the Wagons at Tool of Thought X [Richard Q. Wendt]
  • A Brief Review of APL98 [Neville Holmes]
  • Three Reviews of the Minnowbrook 98 Conference [Ray Polivka, Stephen Mansour & Otway Pardee ]

Access to information:

Presentation of honors:

  • Citation for Dr. Kenneth Iverson [Roger Hui]
  • Cover Story: The Iverson Award for Outstanding Contribution to APL [Adin Falkoff & Jon McGrew]

    Since 1983, the Person of the Year award from ACM's Special Interest Group on APL has become the computer industry's most prestigious award for APL achievement. It has been presented to the people who have done the most to further the role of APL, whether through implementation or education or any other significant means.

    ACM SIGAPL is please to announce that the Kenneth E. Iverson Award for Distinguished Achievement in APL was presented in 1997 to John C. McPherson for his many years of support to APL.


  • An Interview with John McPherson [ as interviewed by Adin Falkoff & Ray Polivka ]

Historical note:

Technical articles:

  • On Continuing Powers, Superexponents and an Exponential Iterator[ Jan Ludwig ]

APL offers:

  • OpenGL Workspace and Russian Student Fund [Alexander Skomorokhov]

Regular columns:

  • With J: Musical Puffs [Cliff Reiter]
  • Proportionally Speaking [Gregg W. Taylor]

APL in the marketplace:

  • Announcing K User Group Meetings in NYC [Abby Gruen]
  • Product Watch [ Edited by Jon McGrew and Ray Polivka ]


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