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Eke van Batenburg explains Powerful and Easy Business Graphics

Volume 28 Number 1
Quote Quad V28 N1

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Regular columns:
  • Prototypes of Arrays [Gregg W. Taylor]
  • With J: "Smoke Puffs" [Cliff Reiter]


  • Letters to the Editors

Technical articles:

  • Catalogued Linked Lists for Possible Outcomes in Probability[ Linda Alvord ]
  • Chess Control Calculations Using APL2 [ Shriram H. Biyani ]


  • Cover Story: Powerful and Easy Business Graphics:
    Is Rain the Answer?
    [ F. H. D. van Batenburg ]

    In March 1994, Quote Quad published my paper entitled "Powerful and Easy Graphics: A Cry for Help." In that paper I stated that APL needs a universal package for powerful "business" graphics. Such a package should be similar over different computers and over various APL vendors and should offer powerful graphics that are easil activated.

    This paper investigates the product Rain (developed by Adrian Smith), and to what extent it answers that "Cry for Help." A second aim of this paper is to show the readers what Rain can do, and how to do it.


  • An Interview with Ian Sharp [ as interviewed by Ray Polivka ]

APL in the marketplace:


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