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Reflections of Toronto...Looking back on APL97

Volume 27 Number 4
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Table of Contents

  • ACM/SIGAPL Membership Form

APL portability:

J language-related:
  • With J:101 Ways to Build a Sierpinski Triangle [Cliff Reiter]
Conference reviews:
  • Cover Story: Reviews of the APL97 Conference: Toronto in August
    The APL97 Conference, entitled Share Knowledge/Share Success, was held on 17-20 August 1997 in Toronto, Canada, and was hosted by the Toronto APL Special Interest Group. The venue was a combination of presentations, tutorials, and workshops. This issues cover story contains several reviews of the conference, in order to get balanced viewpoints. Four separate reviews are included from:
  • A Review of the APL2000 Conference: Orlando in November [Mark E. Johns]

Up-coming conferences:

APL Programming techniques:

  • ...Lest We Forget the Ways of Old... [Gregg W. Taylor]


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