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Exploring Time Series Analysis

Volume 27 Number 3
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Table of Contents

  • ACM/SIGAPL Membership Form
  • Notes from the Co-Editors: Exploring Time Series Analysis-Exploring Our Cover [Ray Polivka and Jon McGrew]
  • A Message from the Chairman [David E. Siegel]

Up-coming conferences:


  • Advanced Network Programming with AP119/W for Dyalog APL [Dr. Andrei Kondrashev]Part 2


  • An Interview with Jeffrey Zweiben, of Health Economics Group, Inc. [as interviewd by Ray Polivka]

Technical articles:

  • Keeping It Simple, but... [Gregg W. Taylor]
  • Cover Story: Exploring Time Series Analysis Using APL [Lew Robinson]
    Time Series often occur which exhibit some sort of "seasonality" pattern. Circadian or calendarial influences are frequently present. Direved from the generic circulant form, quasi-circulant matrices can directly and uniquely separate such seasonality from trend in the observations. The methodology is developed in APL and then applied to atmospheric lead data. Results are plotted, tabulated and discussed.

APL in the marketplace:

  • Product Watch [Edited by Ray Polivka and Jon McGrew]


  • Whizbang! - Evolution [Roy A. Sykes, Jr.]


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