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Volume 27 Number 2
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Table of Contents

  • ACM/SIGAPL Membership Form

Conference reviews:

  • A Review of the Minnowbrook APL Futures Conference 96 [Don Orth]
  • A Review of the APL2000 Users Conference 96 [Ray Polivka]
  • APL2000 Conference Thoughts [Louise Langlois]


  • An Interview with Yaron Avitov, of SunGard Capital Markets [as interviewd by Ray Polivka]

Technical articles:

  • The Joy of Actuaries [Jan Karman]
  • Cover Story: Introduction to Network Programming with APL [Dr. Andrei Kondrashev]
    TCP/IP (which stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) is a network communication standard that allows computers of different sizes, running totally different operating systems, to communicate with each other. The purpose of this article is to give APL programmers a basic knowledge of TCP/IP and its programming using a TCP/IP auxiliary processor. We will show how TCP/IP can be used for developing client/server APL applications running on Local Area Networks (LANs). Despite the fact that we will use Dyalog APL for Windows (APL/W) from Dyadic Ltd., any other APL system that has tools for TCP/IP support (IBM APL2 for OS/2 or SHARP APL) can be used instead.
Up-coming conferences:
  • APL97: August 17-20, in Toronto-we hope to see you there! [Richard Procter]


  • Happy Birthday, APL!

APL in the marketplace:

  • Product Watch [Edited by Ray Polivka]


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