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FCRC: APL2003 Call For Papers

SIGAPL is pleased to announce that APL2003, the 32nd annual conference on Array-Programming Languages, will be held in San Diego, California from Wednesday June 11 through Saturday June 14, 2003. This year we will participate in the 2003 Federated Computing Research Conference.

FCRC is an umbrella for over a dozen ACM-sponsored conferences. Other FCRC events span June 7-14, 2003, offering a broad canvas for the exchange of ideas, development experiences, and tools. Compare yours to the world! If you have an application, this is the place to compare notes with others who have done it in other ways, and bring their own perspectives and experience.

APL2003 provides us with the opportunity to showcase APL and APL applications to our professional peers; we believe a number of the other conferences at FCRC offer exceptional opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas with our professional peers:

[Links to the above events can be found on the FCRC home page]

If you want to see how APL really measures up, contribute your best experience, and see how others react. Serve up the best you can at the food court of ideas from the APL kitchen. The APL2003 conference committee invites you to submit papers for review on:

and other topics related to APL, A+, J, K, Matlab, Mathematica, Nial, S-Plus and other array programming languages. The users and advocates of different language that are heavily oriented toward array programming have many common values. APL2003 can be an event where we come together and face the future.

Themes you may wish to explore include (but are not limited to) are the following:

Please submit a 1-page abstract by January 31, 2003.
Final drafts for review are due by March 1, 2003.

We also invite those interested in preparing workshops, tutorials, poster sessions, panel discussions and other items of interest to contact Kevin Weaver, program chair:

Kevin Weaver 14849 Horseshoe Trace Wellington, FL 33414
(561) 790-6419 fax: (561) 790-6425 e-mail: kevin@modelfitness.com

Or fill in and send the form below.

APL2003 Notice of Participation
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