APL2007, Montreal, October 21-23

The APL 2007 conference, sponsored by ACM SIGAPL, had as its principal theme "Arrays and Objects" and was appropriately co-located with OOPSLA 2007, in Montreal. APL 2007 started with a tutorial day on Sunday, October 21, followed by a two-day program on Monday and Tuesday, October 22 and 23.

The Proceedings of APL2007 will be mailed to all APL2007 registrants and to all SIGAPL members as the December issue of APL Quote Quad.

Approximately 40 people attended our conference, and technical contributions were very much appreciated. Additional content here appears as a matter of record, and to act as a source for future efforts. A complete conference report and some technical content that will not appear in the Proceedings will be available here.


Sunday Oct 21 Tutorials
Monday, Tuesday Oct 22,23 APL 2007 program
Monday-Friday Oct 22-26 OOPSLA program

APL2007 Program

APL 2007 keynote speaker: Guy Steele, Sun Microsystems Laboratories

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Time Sunday Monday Tuesday
Time Tutorial Tutorial Papers Tutorials Papers Tutorials
8:00 AM   Registration APLNow/APLNext Vendor Forum
8:45 AM   Opening Remarks
9:00 AM OO in APL Intro to APL Keynote - Guy Steele
What APL can teach the world (and vice versa)
Using Objects in APLX Version 4 A General introduction of SaC
(Single-Assignment C)
10:30 - 11:00 AM - Break
11:00AM OO in APL Intro to APL No Experience
Unicode Support for APL SaC: customizing your own verbs and data types with little effort
12 Noon OO in APL Intro to APL   Programming with Arrays
Lessons from Nial
  Advantages of using and interactive, array-based...
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Lunch with a vendor
Micro APL Dyalog
1:30 PM OO in APL Intro to APL Comparison: Array and Non-Array... An Open Abstracted APL... Design Considerations
for Interfacing...
APEX: The APL Parallel Executor
2:00 PM OO in APL Intro to APL Generic Programming on the nested... Competing With J
2:30 PM OO in APL Intro to APL Arrays of Objects or
Objects containing arrays?
Arrays of Objects
3:00 PM - 3:30 PM - Break
3:30 PM OO in APL Intro to APL Thinking in Arrays
5:00 PM
  Closing Remarks
6:00 PM Banquet - Regency Hyatt - Salon des Arts OOPSLA APL Reception  

Conference venue:Palais de Congres, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
Conference hotel:Hyatt Regency Montreal

Social events:Conference Banquet Sunday (Regency Hyatt - Salon des Arts, beginning at 6:00 PM), Reception Monday


General ChairGuy R.
Program ChairLynne C.
TreasurerSteven H.


Palais de Congres
Hyatt Regency Montreal
Guy Steele

APL2007 Costs ACM and SIGAPL Members Non-Members Students
APL2007 early registration $350 $400
APL2007 registration $400 $450 $50
Tutorial day $250 $250 $25
Single Conference Days $200 $200  


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